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Los Cabos Vacation Pre-Arrival Service

A Warm Welcome to Your Vacation Rental

Cabo San Lucas Vacation Arrival Amenity

Private Concierge Cabo San Lucas


First impressions are important. That is why we want you and your party to have the very best when you arrive at your Cabo San Lucas condo.

All of our Cabo vacation rentals include a basic welcome package: a pitcher of Margaritas, fresh salsa and guacamole with tortilla chips. If that's not enough, we can add to the package a beautiful flower bouquet, an assortment of cheese and crackers, seasonal fruit, cocktails, appetizers, party ornaments, a two-story cake... you name it! All the way to a Mariachi band and a private fire show, if you want it. The cost will be included in your final bill.

Additionally, we can arrange extra items to be available in your Cabo Villa rental upon your arrival: children accessories (cribs, playpens, high chairs); portable grills, etc.

Not long ago, Los Cabos residents had to go La Paz for a weeks grocery shopping. Now, both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo have a variety of chain supermarkets, where you will find many of the American and Canadian brands you are familiar with, and of course, the Mexican produce that makes our cuisine unique.

Grocery shopping in a foreign country can be a real hassle: supermarkets are hard to find, aisles are arranged differently, brands are different, produce is different, everything is labeled in a different language and contents are measured in a different system. Let us do it for you! Based on your Wish List, we will stock the fridge and cupboards of your Cabo San Lucas vacation home with the items you indicate. You will be charged for the exact cost of the items, plus a $35.00 USD delivery fee.

Please note that many of the food items in Los Cabos are imported so they may cost a little more. Also, please try to give us a "second choice" just in case we are not able to get you a particular item or brand.

Remember you are on vacation, however if you prefer to do shopping on your own it is a good way to see how the locals live.


Grocery Stores in Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo




Big supermarket, well stocked with American brands. Located on the road to La Paz and Todos Santos. Take Highway 1 towards Cabo San Lucas. When coming towards downtown, turn right at the intersection by bullring. Follow the signs leading you to Todos Santos and La Paz. At the second stoplight, turn right passing the Pemex gas station. Chedraui will be on your right hand side. 15 minutes from Cabo del Sol & Punta Ballena. A 2nd store has been opened in Santa Rosa, along the main highway going through San Jose del Cabo.


City Club Cabo.jpg


City Club

Same warehouse style shopping as in the US & Canada, Just entering downtown Cabo San Lucas, turn left on Paseo del Pescador street. There are big signs guiding you, so it will be hard to miss. Less than 10 minutes from Cabo del Sol & Punta Ballena. New second location now in San Jose del Cabo on the main highway leaving the airport going to San Jose Viejo. Membership needed to gain access, however they sell day passes.


Sams Club Cabo.jpg


Sam's Club

Same warehouse style shopping as in the US & Canada. Located on the main Highway 1, towards Cabo San Lucas. 5 minutes from Cabo del Sol & Punta Ballena. Membership is needed to get access (US & Canada memberships welcome).





Same warehouse style shopping as in the US & Canada. Located on the main Highway 1, towards Cabo San Lucas. 5 minutes from Cabo del Sol & Punta Ballena. Membership is needed to gain access (US & Canada memberships welcome).





As big as Mega Commercial, with more competitive prices but lesser variety of American brands. Follow the same directions as to Chedraui, it is a little further away, 20 minutes from Cabo del Sol & Punta Ballena. A second location is on the main Highway that leads through San Jose del Cabo from the airport. This is a good option if you are stopping for groceries prior to arriving to your villa.




Super Ley

A mid sized super market located in Plaza Patio Ley on Highway 1 in San Jose del Cabo. Easily within walking distance of the Alegranza property, this is a good place to stock up on produce or to find a pharmacy.




Mega Commercial Mexicana

One the most renown chains in Mexico, very modern and conveniently located on the entrance to San José del Cabo, on your way from the airport. Mostly Mexican brands, very good produce. Highway 1, direction San José del Cabo, adjacent to the Fonatur monument of a flower. A short 5 minute drive from the Alegranza property and 15 minutes from the properties in Cabo del Sol & Punta Ballena.





Just like in the US & Canada, with competitive pricing, some American brands. Located on Highway 1, just past Costco on the way into Cabo San Lucas.


La Europea Cabo.jpg


La Europea

Great Mexican branded delicatessen and liquor store. Carries a wide variety of wines from around the globe and specialty food products. With three location throughout Los Cabos it's a good bet that they have what your looking for. San Jose del Cabo location is on the main highway one block up from Mega on the lateral road. Two locations in Cabo San Lucas with, one in Puerto Paraiso Mall in down town and the other in between Wal-mart and Sam's Club.


aramburo, cabo san lucas.jpg


Arámburo Super Plaza

Oldest locally owned market in town. It is a small supermarket, located in the heart of town, one block from Squid Roe (a local landmark). Lázaro Cárdenas and Zaragoza. Take Highway 1 towards Cabo San Lucas and go straight ahead until it transforms into the city’s main drag. Keep going straight; past the shopping mall and El Squid Roe. It is the yellow building with ample parking, to your right, across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe. Less than 10 minutes from Cabo del Sol & Punta Ballena.


vinoteca, cabo san lucas.jpg



Newly re-located Vinoteca has a very good wine selection and staff that can help you find all related info on wines, liquor, beer, whisky, vodka, tequila, cognac, etc. they also have events, wine club, exclusive wines and promotion sections. Located on the main highway in Plaza Los Arcos directly in from of Home Depot. Less than a 10 min drive from both Cabo del Sol and Punta Ballena.